3 x Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner 150ml

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Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner

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3 x Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner 150ml

Introducing the first natural tanner that dissimulates cellulite and highlights muscles.

Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner is a salon quality, self-tanner that instantly bronzes the skin then develops into a deep gorgeous golden brown that lasts for up to 7 days.

  •  Instantly bronzes and develops into a deep tan in just hours
  • Content : 3 x Skinny Tan 7 Day tanner 150ml
  •  Natural tan looks exactly like a real tan and lasts for up to 7 days
  •  Natural tanning agent doesn’t dry-out, flake or damage skin - perfect for both your face and body.
  •  Visibly disguises cellulite and has a smoothing effect
  •  Thick body butter in guide color is easy to apply and never streaks
  •  No fishy fake chemical smell. Skinny Tan is scented like a natural tropical coconut breeze
  •  Naturally derived actives and hydration is suitable for sensitive skin

Simply massage into the skin for a tan that looks natural, disguises blemishes, dissimulates cellulite and helps add visible definition so you not only look naturally tanned but also like you have a better body too.

Natural Tanning ingredient derived from seeds.


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