Crisp Starch Ironing Spray 385g

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Crisp Starch Ironing Spray

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Crisp Starch Ironing Spray 

Crisp Spray Starch helps iron out stubborn wrinkles and adds a fresh firm feel to everything you iron. Use Crisp when ironing shirts, blouses, dresses, denims, sportswear, children's school clothes, curtains... on everything that must look and feel the best.

Usage Instructions:

Patch test before use on all fabrics such as silk, rayon and non colourfast fabrics by spraying and ironing a hidden part of the garment. Do not use on linen fabrics. Align nozzle to dot on valve rim. Always shake can well prior to use and again each time you spray. Hold can upright (as illustrated) and never tilt can more than 45. If nozzle becomes clogged, lift it off and wash it in warm to hot water. For best results, ensure the ironing surface is entirely flat and free of creases. Simply spray evenly about 15-20cm from the fabric and iron a section at a time. Do not saturate the fabric with Crisp. Avoid accidental spraying on hard, smooth floors as they could become slippery. For easy removal we recommended Pine O Cleen Floor Cleaner.



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