Finish Dishwashing Booster 250 ml

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Finish Dishwashing Booster 250 ml

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Finish Dishwashing Booster 

Say hello to Finish Dishwashing Booster, the solution for your dishwashing problems. Extremely low maintenance, this refillable liquid booster works in every wash directly from the rinse aid dispenser. It has 5x POWER ACTIONS that supercharges your detergent for sparkling clear dishes, wash after wash. Finish Dishwashing Booster. Enhances your dishwasher detergent for an amazing shine. Fights grease, spots, streaks and white marks. Simply pour into your rinse aid dispenser. Lasts for up to 80 washes. Finish Dishwashing Booster enhances your dishwasher detergent to leave an amazing shine and clean that you can really see. Even the best detergents can leave cloudy glasses and greasy streaks behind, especially in areas with hard water. This effective detergent Booster fights those tricky marks and stains so that your detergent - and your dishwasher - is always working at its best. This bottle contains 250ml of Dishwashing Booster, so you can enjoy sparkling dishes for up to 80 washes. Since there's no need to use rinse aid at the same time, you can just fill the dispenser with Dishwashing Booster and refill as necessary (usually around once a month) - in one simple step, Dishwashing Booster keeps your dishes clean and shining.

  • Finish Dishwashing Booster provides:
    • Spots and film protection
    • Helps remove residues
    • Advanced drying vs. detergent alone on plastics
  • Fill the rinse agent dispenser with Dishwashing Booster. For best results, use with your detergents and ensure you refill the dispenser every month


Contains: 15-30% Non-Ionic Surfactants, <5% Polycarboxylates, Preservative Also contains Methylchloro-isothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone

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