Neutralice HeadLice Natural Lotion Kit 200ml only $13.99

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Neutralice HeadLice Natural Lotion Kit 200ml only $13.99

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Neutralice HeadLice Natural Lotion Kit 200ml only $13.99

Kills lice and their eggs that contains a combination of tea tree oil and lavender oil (essential oils) which makes them pleasant smelling and ideal for children as well as the rest of the family.
- Clinically proven
- Works in 10 minutes
- Includes comb


Melaleuca oil (Tea tree oil) 10%, Lavender oil 1%, Benzyl alcohol 0.5%, ethanol 24%
NeutraLice Natural Lotion: Not recommended for children under four years. For younger children speak to your pharmacist. For a low irritant treatment try NeutraLice Advance. Sometimes a warm, tingling or stinging sensation may develop during use. This is usually mild and resolves after rinsing hair. Discontinue use if severe irritation occurs. Keep out of eyes and ears, however if contact does occur, flush immediately with water. Seek advice from a health care professional if lice or more eggs appear after completing the third treatment.

Direction for use
Apply a generous amount of lotion to dry hair. Ensure the hair is completely wet with the lotion. The amount required will depend on the length and thickness of the hair. Rub vigorously into the scalp and the hair, ensuring that the lotion is applied to the ends of the hair (especially back of the neck and behind the ears) cover all hair with cap excluding ears. Leave the lotion on the hair for 10 minutes.

Remove the cap and use the enclosed plastic lice comb to remove the dead lice and their eggs. While the hair is still damp, start at the top of the head and lift a 2cm section of hair. Ensure the teeth of the comb are as deep into the hair as they can go and touching the scalp. Comb with a firm even motion away from the scalp to the end of the hair. Wipe nits completely from the comb with a tissue. Continue the process with each section of hair.

Rinse hair with water and towel dry. Repeat the treatment 7 and 14 days after the initial treatment

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