Smoothie and Juice Maker Machine

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Smoothie Maker Machine Juice Milkshake Mixer Mini Ice Blender Fruit Juicer

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Smoothie Maker Machine Juice Milkshake Mixer Mini Ice Blender Fruit Juicer

Smoothie Maker Machine Prepare delicious Smoothies, Fruit juice, Sorbet blends, Milkshakes, Power shakes, Vegetables, Soups, Sauces or any other funky blends at your own desirous, in just seconds!

With the Smoothie Maker Machine and some fruits, you are now able to enjoy healthy fruit smoothies, full of vitamins in 10 – 20 seconds. Thanks to the innovative way of preparing fruit without lost of vitamins. Simply place the fruit ingredients in, turn the drum over and in seconds you have created your healthy and fun recipes. It’s so easy and fun!

The Smoothie Maker Machine is perfect for all kinds of juices, smoothies and even sauces. Prepare nutritious combinations for breakfasts and snacks. The Smoothie Maker also helps you prepare all kinds of sauces in a very fast and easy way. You may chill the smoothie for about 30 minutes in the fridge before enjoying it. 

Unlike a juicer, the Smoothie Maker Machine processes the whole fruit so you get all the vitamins, minerals and fibre – and, with the drinking lid, you can enjoy it on the go. Easy to clean and safe to use – it only works when the cup is locked into place – it’s also great for making desserts, sauces and dips.


  • Not all fast food is bad for your figure!
  • Enjoy delicious drinks at the press of a button with the latest in blending technology for just $34.99. Valued at $145!
  • Also a complete blending and food preparation machine that can quickly whip up salsas, dressings, soups, sauces, batters and more!
  • Make refreshing smoothies, milkshakes, and hearty soups
  • Boasts revolutionary emulsifying blades to blend fruit and vegetables perfectly and precisely with minimal mess
  • The modern, streamlined design makes an elegant addition to any kitchen countertop
  • A versatile cleaning cup facilitates quick and easy washing of the blades
  • Cups are completely dishwasher safe making cleaning up quick and easy!
  • Comes with a drinking lid to attach to cups so time-crunched smoothie lovers can enjoy drinks on the go
  • The most delicious way to stay healthy!
  • Brand New In Box with extra cup, drinking lid & instruction manual included.
  • Colour Red Only
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